Our standard products are engineered in such way that they can be integrated, with little effort, into the production lines of our customers using standardised electrical and mechanical interfaces.

Of course do we not only produce standard handling systems „off the shelf“, we offer much more.

We are committed to understand the individual project requirements and to consult our customers throughout the realisation process. Sometimes it is only a small adaptation to the standard system that increases flexibility and effectiveness of your machinery – increasing your efficiency & profitability.

Over the last years we have gained a solid base of knowledge and experience on various scopes of application. Based on this expertise we engineer taylor-made solutions for you.

We could tell you fascinating stories on dispensing, feeding, transport and paper handling that are far away from dry, „dusty“ and boring. There are strictly confidential projects, others we are given permission to serialize. Take a glance at the links below and get inspired.

Set us a task, we will find the solution.



By the way ... it is not a must that our products are branded with KRAUS. If you are interested in OEM-products or -components, please let us know. We will be pleased to engineer and build special systems for your own brand as well.


We realized the following product families as special purpose solutions:






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