This type of machine module is used within the production process of booklet labels or integrated in label printing machines.

Nowadays detailed and complex product descriptions are mandatory by law for internationally distributed consumer products, e.g. food and cosmetics or pesticides. Such regulations may be country-specific and in any case they must be multilingual. Such booklet labels must disclose ingredients, give warning notices and directions for use and have the common merchandise and retail imprints, for instance article- and bar-codes.
To provide all information mandatory for global business, such labels are designed as multilingual booklets which demand a great deal of special skills from the handling machinery and equipment. First and foremost safety and precision in separation, feeding, affixing and discharging.
For all such top-class specifications we engineered our modules which we project for the branch of business and range of application individually.


Fields of Application:

  • pharmaceutical
  • cosmetics
  • food packaging industry
  • chemical industry
  • hygiene products for industry and domestic use
  • and many more




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