We are experts in designing and producing machine components / applications for separating, feeding and conveying of paper and flat products upto 30 mm. For instance brochures, booklets, product samples, CDs, ISO-cards, paper and cardboard pieces, etc.
No matter which class of business, we offer solutions for industrial production, packaging and printing processes where handling of paper or flat products is the key requirement. For such purposes our friction feeders are essential. And if your core business is food- and pharmaceutical industry we are continually developing our products to meet such industry standards as well.
Our basic system model Joker is based on a sophisticated and compact design with easy operation and at a well-balanced cost/performance ratio. Joker products are easily adjustable, even by semiskilled operators.

If you have a particular task in mind which at first glance appears to be un-answerable by standard systems or solutions, we are capable of developing a special solution for your project which may also go beyond simple feeding or separation tasks such as collation, embossing, printing, labelling etc.

Set us a taks, we will find the solution.


KRAUS Maschinenbau GmbH
Max-Planck-Str. 42
D-78549 Spaichingen


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